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Not much out there of note Rockies-wise but with our record, I can't say I blame anyone for overlooking us. With training camp in Greeley opening soon don't expect the fair-weather Denver media to start paying a lot of attention either despite the basketball season being over.

So today I'll point out a couple of other links related to the time of the season. First, today's Cinco de Mayo, so I wanted to send you over to this profile from toasting Rockies' co-owner and construction entrepreneuer Linda Alvarado, the first latina (or latino for that matter) owner of a major league baseball franchise, beating Angels owner Arte Moreno by several years.

Second, Dodgers' blog, the fourth outfielder pointed me to this article about Reds relieverJoe Valentine's two mothers. It's mother's day, Sunday, so I feel a little bad for Valentine and other kids who have to shop for gifts for two parents this week, but at least they get off the hook for Father's Day. No actually, I'm encouraged by Valentine's openness that maybe there is some hope that the jocular world of baseball can recognize the beauty of diversity.

Finally, a suggestion for breakfast this morning, if you haven't already eaten.