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Character Issues

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With the Neagle story below breaking last night, and this one breaking in the wee hours, and since we're playing the Fish anyway, I thought it might not be a bad idea to look at this issue as it pertains to the Rockies. Jeff Allison was a highly touted prospect coming out of high school the same year the Rockies took Ian Stewart. Obviously the Rockies loved Stewart's bat, but I know they also liked what scouts call his "make-up" when they chose him rather than Allison or anybody else with that pick. I have since learned that make-up has nothing to do with Sephora or MAC when it comes to baseball, which is too bad because I like their make-up too.

No, in this case make-up refers to a prospect's drive, his ability to listen and learn and lead, and even touches on his citizenship. These were all traits that Stewart had in droves and traits the Rockies have really begun to stress over the last few years in the draft and in the clubhouse. Last year's top pick Chris Nelson had a far more favorable make-up rating to number one pick and fellow shortstop Matt Bush, and the Padres have to be rethinking their approach today because of it. One of my all-time favorite Rockies and one whose makeup far outstripped his on field talent is the Marlins' Juan Pierre whose made his career by working harder than anybody around him to improve his skills.
Anyway, it was just some food for thought this morning. I'll have a game preview and thread and a farm report up later in the a.m.