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In Game Discussion - Chacon vs. Beckett

Twilight special, here are the lineups:


1 Miles 2b
2 Barmes ss
3 Helton 1b
4 Wilson cf
5 Hawpe rf
6 Holliday lf
7 Greene c
8 Atkins 3b
9 Chacon p


1 Pierre cf
2 Castillo 2b
3 Delgado 1b
4 Cabrera lf
5 Encarnacion rf
6 Lo Duca c
7 Lowell 3b
8 Gonzalez ss
9 Beckett p

Hurdle's going back to what he's used to, except for dropping Atkins to the eighth spot. Until Garrett shows his fabled gap power and better presence in the box, I think the move is merited.

It should be a low scoring affair, but I like our chances better than last night. 'Chac figures to match up well against Florida and I think our offense does better when the lefties are freed.