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the piece is called "Ten", by Triggison, who I think must be a Rockies fan.

Beyond the Boxscore currently has us pegged for forty one wins on the season, which at this rate might be pushing it.

Positives were Clint Barmes' three for four night, and Todd Helton breaking Larry Walker's Rockies' RBI record. By the way, Cubs bloggers, including the one listed to the right are attempting to rig the all star balloting with Neifi Perez votes, despite the fact that Barmes is having a superior year. I'm not going to be visiting any Cubs blog until after the all star break in protest, and encourage any of my readers to join in the boycott. Meanwhile, vote for Barmes all twenty-five times online to make sure your voice is heard.

Good night, the series final is tomorrow and then we head home and end our long painful road trip.