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Game Recap - Waiting for Koufax

This should be relatively brief as pondering the Rockies' 20th loss is about as effective as pondering any of the rest of them. We should all know the reasons by now, plus Dontrelle Willis just pitched a great game. Like with the loss to Brad Halsey of the D-backs a month ago, you wonder if there was a little more the Rockies' punchless offense could have done, but there's not much there besides stating the obvious. Hit the ball? Some people did, but not enough in a row to get much started. Take more walks? Willis was in the strike zone all night as Clint Barmes for one can attest having one at bat made brief by taking two strikes before swinging through air for the third.

The good news is that the Joe Kennedy injury is minor and our shallow rotation might not have to be tested with another attempted Byung Hyun Kim start. When will a starter for the Rockies step into the role of Stopper? The guy we count on to end the losiing when things are tough? Hopefully soon. Jeff Francis could be the guy, but it's a lot to ask for a rookie. The other one most likely to step into that role? Today's starter Shawn Chacon, but I'll get more into that in my preview later on.

At least the farm had some wins and a couple more good performances, but I'll get into that later too. Until then, hasta,