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Brandi and Geraldine sit back and kick it like girls again

I never know what to expect when I talk to G, so I've given up trying.
Geraldine says to this guy, "Pour some sugar on me,"

or wait was that these guys?
Anyway, I'd buy one for Jamey Wright but they're out of stock...

Brandi: So Geraldine, how do you like my site so far?

Geraldine: It's okay, I guess, a little heavy on the info, but light on the `tainment, if you know what I mean.

B: What?! What do you mean? I've got plenty of `tainment.

G: Yeah right, I'm about the only `tainment you got chiquita,

B: Hey I had a Tom Cruise Katie Holmes thread the other day, that's `tainment.

G: Pfft, old news girl, old news. So what's up, I thought I wasn't invited back to your blog-world party for awhile.

B: Well, something came up I thought we could discuss...

G: The Rockies won a game?

B: Well no, not for a while at least, no. I was wanting to talk about this,

G: Uh-huh, why don't we discuss your nerdiness a bit more.

B: Come on Geraldine, this will be fun, Jamey Wright is such an easy target right now.

G: What was that gizmo drawing thing you had on the other day anyway?

B: It was a dynamo, you know an electric generator.

G: Yeah, that's what I thought, nerd

B: Shut up, why don't you want to talk about Jamey Wright? Hey, wait a second, you actually like it, don't you?

G: Like what? What are you talking about?

B: The sleeveless look, boy band, Meaty-Cheesy boys, you think it's hot, don't you?

G: So... there's nothing wrong with that.., shoulders are cool.

B: Oh my gosh, you are so wrong it's not even funny. That look went out with Dusty Donovan.

G: Who?

B: Soap character? Don't you watch.., uhm... never mind

G: Yeah, and you say I'm the loser.

B: Fine, I'm the loozer, it's okay, I'm fine with that. Jeez, I can't believe I do this with you. I have a game to watch.

G: What was that soap again?

B: Quiet Geraldine, I think the Rockies might win this one.

G: Yeah, right, call me again when that happens.

B: Pbbtthh!