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Cubs fans unite against Barmes

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I'm telling you guys, this Cubfan conspiracy to elect Neifi to the All-Star game is heating up. I've been told that over at Bleed Cubbie Blue they're even using my own rallying cries against me. We have to stop these wackos now friends, or the game is already over. (P.S. obviously our sign department could use a higher budget, we're working on that)

Update [2005-5-9 15:47:46 by Rox Girl]: I have been told by an anonymous tipster that there is one reasonable Cubs Blogger, over at the Cubdom someone agrees with me -well, before going hog wild on the next ballot, but hey, that's why they give us twenty-five. Byron, for your sanity, I'm going to say my six or so readers can visit your site with a clear conscience and am adding a link.