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Mother's Day Recap - Francis, Barmes.., Miles?

The holiday really ate into my posting ability. Oh well, spilt milk, I say. Anyway, yesterday's game had one unlikely hero and two likely ones, until you consider that Miles has been a clutch hitter all season with RISP. This guy has clutchiness comin out of his ears. In fact, I looked through the stats and found out that he is one for one on the season with the bases loaded and two outs in the state of Florida on the holidays. In fact, his OPS is something like 2.000 in those situations. That's how you spell c-l-u-t-c-h.

No, kidding aside, Miles' big hit and Barmes' inside the park job couldn't have come at a better time for the Rockies. Also coming through was Francis, a couple of days ago I wondered in a post which of our starters would be able to step up into the role of stopper, the person we count on to shut down the opposition and end these losing streaks. At the time, I thought the most likely candidates were the next of the rotation, Francis and Shawn Chacon. Well, I guess we got our answer. Francis' K's have been up, his walks down over the last three starts and the trendline shows he's becoming the pitcher we thought he'd be.

I'll try and have the weekend pebble report up in about an hour, and should have a few more posts for you today as well.