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Views from the Top Row

There are a lot of Rockies related news items that should be coming out throughout the day, such as the first results of the all star balloting but also of more import to the future of the team, more detail on possible draft-and-follow signings, but this came in from the Washington Times reporting that a revealed hairline fracture in Zach Day's pitching arm nixed a done deal, possibly one for Preston Wilson. Day would have been an upgrade for the bottom of the rotation and even with the fracture he still might be preferable to Byung Hyun Kim starting another, but at least we don't have to worry about that scenario again for awhile yet.

More on the Wilson deal, the Chacon recovery and also status updates on Aaron Cook, Bobby Seay, Matt Merricks and Aaron Taylor from the official site.

Update [2005-6-2 10:9:18 by Rox Girl]:The Denver Post reports that it was indeed Florida that the Zach Day trade was to, and not the Rockies, which makes sense, since Jim Bowden said it was a good move for Day and I doubt anybody would imply heading to Coors Field for a second division squad is a good move for a pitcher. The Post also says the Rockies maybe interested in acquiring Eli Marrero who doesn't have that much value anymore -not that he did to begin with- but might be able to provide some right-handed support on the corners, both infield and outfield. I really don't know how he'd fit with the Rockies since we have quite a few of those reserve utility guys to begin with. His career line shows an offensive value about 14% subpar of the league average with very solid defense. Last year Atlanta used him in a platoon/situational role and it worked well for them, this year with Kansas City he was terrible enough to merit the axe. The Cubs are also purportedly interested in him, which is understandable as he seems to be a player only Dusty Baker could truly love. I'm hoping the Rockies miss out on this opportunity, even with the sorely needed defensive upgrade.

*** Status of the blog

Yawn, no news makes for a Rox Girl snooze. Okay, while I wait I will give you a one month plus review of the blog:

May blog report

As you can see from the chart, Purple Row has had its ups (when I started a feud with the Cubs bloggers over who had the better shortstop) and its downs (when, I went to Montreal on my birthday -funny, that's like the attendance of Rockies games when they went to Montreal, too) in its one month plus of existence. Right now, I see resistance in the 110 visit range (the blue line on the upper right) and hopefully I can pass that in June by having a special on the "Secrets of the Lost Humidor" when I break it open with a sledge hammer. I do seem to have some level of support around the sixty-five visit level, and I am noticing a gradual upward trend of late.

Thank you, loyal readers, for visiting and posting your comments and making my first month at my new site a fun one. If there's anything you wish to see on the site in June, you can let me know in the comment section here or by e-mailing me at the address on my profile page.


The NL All-star voting first tally is out. Clint Barmes as expected is the only Rockie on the leaderboards and is in fifth place. The leaders are of course from the bigger media markets, including number one Nomar Garciaparra of DL fame, and Clint's opponent in the other dugout tonight, David Eckstein. Vote for Barmes, people, seriously.

Still no draft-and-follow update, but if you really want to go to BA you can check out today's Daily Dish where they realize for the second day that there are some Rockies' prospects worth following this season, this time with a quote from director of player development, Bill Geivett, on Chris Ianetta:

"He's really been swinging the bat well as of late," Rockies farm director Bill Geivett said. "He's really adjusted to that level of pitching. There are some pretty good pitchers in that league this year, probably more so than I can remember. I think with Iannetta, it took him some time to settle in, learning some new pitchers. He focused on defense and now his bat is coming around now. We've been very, very impressed with him, how he's handled the staff. He has handled just about every challenge we've thrown at him."