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Pebble Report Extra part 2

I'm going to post more capsules of our single A pitchers in the comment section, but first a brief rundown of yesterday's action:

Colorado Springs won 13-6 in a typical PCL score, Danny Ardoin went three for three and Jorge Piedra had two hits and Tim Olson two homeruns. Tim Drew picked up the win but wasn't that great, I still like Alex Serrano better. Serrano pitched two and a third in relief and struck out four while allowing two runs (one earned).

Tulsa also won, seven to two thanks to a big seventh inning that saw the Drillers capitalize on two errors to score all of their runs. Zach Parker continues his new-found mastery of the Texas League in his second tour there. Bobby Seay followed him for the last inning and a third and closed out the win as his rehab nears completion.

As for Modesto and Asheville, well, "some days you eat the bar, some days the bar, well he eats you".
Ubaldo Jiminez struggled, Ryan Mattheus struggled, and both teams lost by fairly wide margins. There were good points: Seth Smith had a homerun and two more doubles (19 on the year!) for the Nuts, and the Tourists hit four homeruns as a team (Justin Nelson and Dustin Hahn included).

Okay then, onto the encapsulating, the starting baker's dozen for Modesto and Asheville (Morales hasn't yet this year, but probably will later) to be written up in the comments:


Ubaldo Jiminez
Marc Kaiser
Aaron Marsden
Juan Morillo
Steven Register
Tomas Santiago


Samuel Deduno
Jarrett Grube
Dragon Lo
Jake Postlewait
Ryan Mattheus
Franklin Morales
Larry Robles