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Gametime discussion thread -Wright vs Maroth

Wright's actually become something of a consistent marvel of late, which is needed considering what's happening elsewhere in the rotation. Maroth meanwhile has emerged as something similar to what the Tigers were hoping he'd be, not the ace but a decent enough pitcher and a workhorse somewhat akin to the role Jason Jennings does for us. The Tigers are an interesting franchise from which we can draw a lot of comparisons to our own club as they are approximately where we'll be a year from now, having gone through the youth only phase a little earlier but with a younger crop.

Except that a year from now, maybe all of our team will have broken down at the rate we're going (if you haven't heard Matt Holliday is KO'd for a bit). Holliday's injury means that Cory Sullivan -the lone light from the 2001 draft that I started analyzing a bit ago- gets more playing time. So in honor of Cory keeping away from the injury bug, I'll make him by P&BJ player and choose the Tiger as lineups are announced.

Hmm, I'm sort of in the mood for some venison for some reason.

Update [2005-6-10 17:24:15 by Rox Girl]:

Rain Delay Reading: Hmm... Apparently the Cubs are in need of an impact bat in centerfield to provide an upgrade over Corey Patterson. I wonder whether there's a team out there that has something to offer them. I wish we had some impact center fielder to offer, their farm system is so rich, we might actually get a player worth keeping.