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Pebble Report for Thursday's games

As well as the rest of the stuff to follow, I wanted everybody to be able to read more about Chaz Roe, our supplemental round draft pick who will be signing in the next week or two. According to the article he's the highest Lexington area pick since Austin Kearns was taken from the same school a few years ago. Anyway, on to the farm where Asheville's offense continued to sputter (as my blogging is, sorry it took me a little while to edit this post) Anyway, this time the anemic O actually couldn't eke out the win. Same thing with Tulsa's (although Ben Crockett pitched a scoreless inning in his 2005 debut) and Modesto used ten walks and two errors to come up with eight runs despite having only four hits the entire game. Of course it helps that one of the hits was a Joe Gaetti grandslam. Alex Arias pitched very effectively but Juan Morillo was supposed to (and it was supposed to be a double header) so I don't know what's happening there.

Still no Jeff Salazar, or news on where he's gone.