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Pebble Report - Tulo to debut with Modesto June 20

Jud takes a lift up to AAA

The Modesto Bee has the exact day we can see our number one make his debut and also comes in with the news that Jud Thigpen was promoted all the way to AAA Colorado Springs noting that the move was due to "injuries" at Tulsa, meaning that the likely choice was going to be Jeff Salazar, but as he's out indefinitely with a sore knee, Thigpen gets the call. This shouldn't discredit Jud at all; Thigpen is perhaps one of the Rockies best ever undrafted free agent signings, certainly for a player born and schooled in the U.S. as he came to Tri-City from Delta State in Mississippi last year (where he was a small college all-American) and hasn't looked back since. For him to be making AAA in his second year of pro ball is a phenomenal accomplishment. In other Nuts news, Bill Geivett confirms that Macri will be moved and that a promotion is still being considered, and the three Nuts going to the Cal League all-star game will be Jim Miller, U-ball, and Hammerin Joe Gaetti.

Thanks to roxhead for spotting the late announcement on Salazar first. As you can probably read from the recap, Tulsa won again last night inching closer to a playoff clinch behind the strong arm of Purple Row darkhorse fave Enmanuel Ulloa. Ryan Spilborghs, Tony Miller, Sean Barker and Jayson Nix all contributed in the five to one victory.

Asheville also had all star news as three Tourists were selected to the SAL all-star team, and Joe Koshansky celebrated with a double in the Tourists' victory. Dustin Hahn felt slighted and had a strong game of his own, as did Neil and Kyle Wilson, who remain unrelated but are starting to become almost equally intriguing as possible catchers we look to after Chris Ianetta. Jake Postlewait wasn't dominant but solid and Chris Buechner pitched well in relief for Asheville.

Colorado Springs won ten to four and the newborn Jason Young (6 IP, 3 H, 4BB's, and 7K's)has emerged as the Sky Sox' best starter and is probably first in line at this point for the next open rotation spot should we make a trade from the big club. Former Rockie Jack Cust hit a homerun off of Young but that was about all "JY" gave up. The offense continues to be fueled by spare parts and Ryan Shealy. Not that the spare parts at that level - like Tommy Nicholson and Jeff Pickler- are unwanted, they just don't figure in our long range plans at this point so I write less about them. Dan Micelli and Scott Dohmann each had excellent relief appearances (striking out five in two innings between them) while Ryan Speier's was a bit shaky... at best (still, having appeared in the majors already, Speier has that over Thigpen in the "Rockies Best Ever Undrafted U.S. Free Agent" competition, but perhaps not for too much longer).