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Wheel-Wright or Play-Wright?

Should we spin Jamey off...

At the end of May, I had my readers join me in rating each and every player on our forty man roster on a scale of one to five as to whether we should trade them or not. A score of one meant that we should try and trade them for a bag of chips and some crazy Larry at the first opportunity, while five meant that we wouldn't give them up for anything. Jamey Wright had only three votes, a four by the perceptive roxhead, who even then saw him to be our second best starter and has since moved him up with Shawn Chacon's injury, and twos by me and Tap the Rox's Tom Stephenson. Has anything changed considering his performance over the last two weeks? Well yes and no as far as my opinion goes. Yes I have changed my opinion on Wright from being a player we should try and trade, but it hasn't been so much for his performance but the lack of attention it's getting around the league. Despite becoming one of our most consistent starters and one of the only reasons we aren't challenging the 1962 Mets for futility. Wright's value to the team and affordability now outweighs any return I see us getting for him and so therefore I have to re-rank him higher until I hear of interested parties knocking on our door. Then on that day, like all our starters except Francis, I see him as expendable so long as we get quality future value back.

...or is it not to be?

Update [2005-6-11 15:0:20 by Rox Girl]: In other trade fronts, Ken Rosenthal reports that the Dodgers are also interested in Joe Kennedy, as well as possibly more teams besides the A's. A bidding war including a system as rich as the Dodgers' is would be nice.