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Game discussion Jennings vs. Bonderman

This should be a tough and interesting matchup. Bonderman at the start of the season appeared to have become the superstar starter that everybody in Detroit expects him to be, however he has struggled in his last two or three outings (his last two have been in pitchers' parks even - Dodger Stadium and Comerica). Look for the Rockies to take advantage of his over-reliance on a slider that probably won't break as much at Coors, and then how we respond when he adjusts to using mostly his devastating mid-nineties smoke will be the key to our offense. Whatever we do to scratch out some runs, don't expect a Coors meltdown - I'm not saying for sure that it won't happen- but Bonderman's tough as nails and he was forged in the furnace of that 2003 season where he saw it all as a twenty-year old. He doesn't let a lot get to him.

Jennings on the other hand could be the good twin who we don't like (oh please, no go ahead and advance ninety feet, it's on me this time, oh your friend wants to go too? oh, well alright...) or the deliciously evil stingy twin who we love, if it's the latter then we should have a good shot at winning this thing.