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Game Discussion - The Mighty Kim vs. Robertson

Robertson has been pretty mighty himself of late, particularly on the road, but all of those games have been at sea level so I'm not certain if that means anything. Kim on the other hand has looked like he was made to be a Coors Field starter and has for some reason found a valuable role for himself on the Rockies as fill-in starter. He takes Joe Kennedy's place today, and the way the Kennedy rumors have been heating up he may be around for a couple more starts as well as Aaron Cook recovers.

The offense hasn't been showing up since Clint tripped due to deer meat, or maybe it's been since Holliday went down but regardless, outside of Garrett Atkins and a couple of good swings from Dustan Mohr, there hasn't been a whole lot to cheer about. Particularly bad have been the top three slots in the lineup, where Luis Gonzalez and Desi Relaford have been pressing over the last two series and Todd Helton has virtually disappeared from being an influence on the outcome of ballgames. We need to turn it around boys, summer's almost upon us.