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Pebble Report preview

Check out the box score from Modesto, where Der Dreamy-eyed Kaiser continues to lure me under his spell. Jordan Czarniecki also hit two home-runs in that game going four for five on the day, Matt Macri like Czarniecki made it aboard four out of five times, but only once by hitting the ball, well, with his bat at least (2 HBP's and a BB).

Ian Stewart went eight innings without an error, but couldn't make it through the ninth. Doh!

Anyway, Kaiser's stat lines look better to me every time he goes out. Although you should note in particular all the homeruns he's allowed this season in forty-seven innings pitched. Oh wait, he hasn't allowed any home-runs in forty seven innings pitched -and his one walk today gives him a whopping total of nine on the season. Keep him on the second half watch list, Der Kaiser's definitely ascending.