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Recap - The Mighty Kim - We have the technology, we will rebuild him

Stronger, Faster, More able to make cheesy synth noises when he does his stunts. More impressive and confident each time he starts. Yes he is the Six-and-three-quarter Million Dollar man.

Kim threw six innings today fanning eight and walking only two to go along with the five hits he allowed. Preston Wilson brought the beverage, providing all the punch this party needed to get started with his two home-runs while a bunch of scrubs and backups with names like Garabito, Ardoin and Gonzalez showed the regulars how to swing and how to score. All in all, a groovy time was had by everyone not hailing from Motown as our Rockies won seven to three.

This is another nail in the... well, I wouldn't call it a coffin, maybe it's just a piece of wood with nails, but it's definitely another nail hanging the final stanza of the Ballad of Joe Kennedy as a Rockie. With Kim looking Phoenix like -looking like he did in Phoenix, in fact- Kennedy appears more expendable.

Now I need to go out and find myself a #49 Rockies jersey. Okay, I'm not quite that enamored yet, but soon.

Hail the Mighty Kim!