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Without the Giants appearing willing to give up Jason Schmidt, the Rockies have found themselves in the enviable position of having the most sought after starting pitchers available. The Rocky Mountain News and Denver Post continue to do their part in feeding the rumor mill (particularly the Post which has seemingly nothing better to do than try and figure out where Joe Kennedy is going) but so far nothing has come of these discussions, meanwhile Preston Wilson is gathering interest from Chicago media and Todd Helton was mentioned today as a possible solution for the Mets in Newsday. So today for fun we play GM again and try to fashion acceptable deals with the following clubs:

Update [2005-6-16 7:22:4 by Rox Girl]:
Rather than starting a whole new post, I thought I might put these links here. First, confirmation that Paul DePodesta is looking at Kennedy, and the second source to mention the Rangers' interest in Joe as a replacement for one of our all time favorite Rockies, Pedro Astacio.

Possible Trades:

Joe Kennedy to Oakland
Joe Kennedy to Los Angeles
Kennedy to Texas
Starting pitcher to the Phillies
Preston Wilson to the Cubs
Preston Wilson to Nats
P-dub to Baltimore
Todd Helton to Mets

and finally the Troy Renck special:

Create your own trade rumor to any team

Play simply by posting your thoughts on any or all of these possibilities in the comments.