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Pebble Report - Ulloa, Salazar shine for Drillers, Nuts don't back Morillo, Old JY Comes Back

The entire Sally league was off so Asheville didn't play, so we'll start off with Modesto where the Nuts' Juan Morillo shut down the Ranch Cucamonga Quakes through seven innings and only gave up a sixth inning homerun to Ben Johnson. Unfortunately, the Nuts offense couldn't get anything going at The Epicenter and the Nuts and Morillo eventually lost two to one. Morillo's five hit, two walk and six K performance was the only noteworthy one hopefully the "O" can get it together for the second half.

Tulsa won 10 - 2 behind a strong start from U-lo (four hits, two walks, five K's in six although he did leave the ball up enough to have a 5/8 GB/FB ratio) and a revival of the Miller/Salazar leadoff tandem that has been so critical to their first half performance. The two combined to go five for nine with two walks, five runs scored, four knocked in, a double, a triple and one CS. Salazar had all the RBI's and all four came on two out rallies.

As for Colorado Springs, let's just call it a three inning, ten hit, two walk, seven run setback fo Jason Young. Jud Thigpen hit a double in four AB's though, that was nice. The Sky Sox got pounded fourteen to five.