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Oriole Prep Academy

SC from Camden Chat did some nifty snoopwork into the players our two teams have had in common. You can feel O's fans frustrations with Steve Reed by his passing on the current member of either team to play for both (Not including Eddy Garabito who never quite cracked the O's roster). His preview of tonight's game comes to the conclusion that Jason Jennings isn't a very good pitcher and he's expecting the Orioles to kick some major Rockie butt. Okay okay, whatever, we're on the road, so that's about as difficult a call to make as predicting s Brendan Donnely will protest his innocence, but here's my beef with the preview: he uses the cumlative statline of JJ to argue his case -which is fine Jennings cumulative stats indicate he has been a pretty awful pitcher this year- until he talks about Orioles' starter Daniel Cabrera being hit or miss, awful or good, and you have no idea which one will show up to the ballpark. Since we're Rockies fans here- which of our pitchers does this remind you of? That's right, Jason and his evil twin Jeremy (we'll use Mark's TGTBATB moniker and thank him profusely later by clicking on the link below). It appears Cabrera has a twin also, let's call him Damian, and he's as fond of delightfully surprising Orioles' fans as Jeremy is of surprising us.

Alright, what I'm saying is apparently we have a four true outcome game on our hands:

1 - A pitchers' duel, both Jeremy and Damian show up and one of the teams eventually wins 2-1.
2 - Damian Cabrera shows up against Jason Jennings and the Rockies lose something like 11-3
3 - Jeremy shows up for the Rox against mild mannered Daniel, the Rockies win 8-1.
4 - Both Jason and Daniel show up and can't decide who wants to let the other team win most and the final score is something like 13-10.

This game then, should be fun.

Tom at Tap the Rox is the only Rockies blogger so far with a preview of the O's series, I expect TGTBATB to have one later, however.

The official site had something about Bob Apodaca talking to Jeff Francis about his feet or something, but I wasn't really paying attention. No news out of Kentucky on Chaz Roe, but Rox Fan in NY unearthed a little nugget of info on the Kyle Hancock negotiations, be sure to check the Draft Signing Diary to read more. I think the Post is still trademongering and Ringolsby at the News has some cute anecdotes about foreign substances. I have one too, oh wait, we're talking about baseball and not college dorm life. Oops, my bad. Talk to you later, peeps, since the minors were kind of down (names of note if you're really desperate: Jim Miller in a good way, Franklin Morales in an bad way, and Chris Nelson in an 0 for 5 with 5 K's in two games ugly way) I won't do a full Pebble Report, although I should have the Tri-City preview finished today.