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Game Discussion -Franchise versus Penn

Hopefully Jeff bounces back from his pretty bad start at Cleveland with a nifty one today. It's a day game, so at least he has that going for him. Earlier in the year, Penn was a key component of the trade "proposal" (since it was made by a Baltimore columnist, I don't think it quite qualifies) for Todd Helton along with a couple of other prime Baltimore prospects and the ever being dealt, Jorge Julio. So think, in somebody's strange alternate universe, these two rookies could be teammates on the Rox, and Ryan Shealy would be our starting first bagger.

Hmm... okay, fantasy over and rejected, today we move onto the game. Neither Francis nor Penn are fathers yet, so rule that intangible out. Happy Daddy's Day to all of those who are, though.

No Pebble Report on Sundays because Rox Girl likes her brunches, but Rox Fan in TN pointed out in yesterday's PR thread the pummelling that dreamy-eyed Marc Kaiser took. Josh Newman took it too, but apparently the ball was live all around as Hammerin' Joe Gaetti knocked two out and Ian Stewart hit his fifth. At least Kaiser and Newman didn't give up the HR, and they didn't walk anybody (Kaiser did have his second error, though). I don't know what it was that happened to bring all those hits about, but the outing isn't as discouraging as the box score made it look. Tomorrow Tulo debuts, which should be swell, Macri looks to be on his way to Tulsa as he didn't play yesterday, we'll find out tonight.

Sorry for the technical difficulties last night, hopefully they're mostly behind us now.