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Game Thread - Chac' vs Sup'

Woohoo, I smell split. I updated the thread below with the blog chart with news on a possible Eli Marrero attempt by the Rox, so be sure to check out those links. I have to take care of some chores today and might not be around until near the start of the game. I'll post my P&BJ choices now, therefore, and hope they play. I'm not sure who won yesterday; I always hate looking at the box score for very long right after the team loses. I need time to mourn and move on. Anyway, today I'll pick Helton because he's due, and Pujols since I bet he'll be playing also.

Wow, you wouldn't believe how many comma splices I just had to edit in this post. Then again, if you read me regularly, you probably would believe it. Anyway, Go Rockies!