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Lineup and fall down

With this thread I'm going to go a little stat crazy, because looking over Baseball Prospectus's stats page, particularly, their Value Over Replacement Player (VORP) statistics, I began to realize just how futile the Rockies lineup has been this season. This stat is useful because it takes out all the noise from Coors Field and while it tends to still have a slightly negative impact on certain types of players when they play in Denver (only Aaron Miles falls into the category, and the difference isn't by enough to make a very large change in his score) it is one of the most neutral statistics you will find. In the comments I will go through each position , putting the league leader and his VORP and then our player's ranking and VORP to see how we stack up. This might surprise some people, but we don't, except for at one position, which probably won't surprise you. Anyway, I'll also try and establish an acceptable range as some of the leaders (notably Derrek Lee at first and Bobby Abreu in right) are so far ahead of the pack that it makes it look like we're in worse shape in those positions than we really are.

I'll also try to provide some commentary and invite anyone else to also regarding what we can expect in future seasons from these players. So, on to stats class.