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Recap - Rockies 6, Cardinals 8

Is it too much to ask for two good starts in a row from our pitching staff? I'm thinking maybe so at this point with who we've got, unless it's Chac' and Franchise on back to back days. Argh, Joe Kennedy, that wasn't pretty, if we were Brian Sabean you would be so gone right now with half of our prospects to boot trying to find even a mediocre replacement. How can you keep Albert Pujols largely silent and allow Mark Grudzielanek and Scott Seabol to look like Ted Williams. Meanwhile, the pen still has it's leaks, and our offense still missed some key opportunities despite the improvement in that pleasant fourth. And then the defense - from our veterans no less. Yuck. In case anybody didn't notice yet, we have a pretty bad team this year. Okay, Rox Girl, exhale. We're still building, Clint Barmes rocked our world with three consecutive doubles (the link shows that Hurdle and I are in agreement on the reason for his recent slide), Holliday and Closser looked good, the future is still bright.

On to a poll.