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Pebble Report -

I have a friend in town for the next couple of days and so my blogging might be limited somewhat, but luckily a couple of minor league all-star games are being played this week so Asheville and Tulsa have some time off so my PR's won't have to be so long. I have a confession to make, I get jealous when other teams' prospects perform better than the Colorado Rockies prospects do, so when the Royals' Billy Butler is tearing things up, I secretly hope he slumps so Ian Stewart doesn't get all the heat.
At any rate, Modesto is playing the Royals' California League affiliate and I want the Nuts to pummel High Desert Hat Wearing M's. Unfortunately, last night that didn't happen, and what's worse, the HDHWM's and Butler beat up on one of our better prospects, Juan Morillo, which makes my disdainful jealousy that much worse. Christian Colonel had a nice 3 for 3 with a HR and our bullpen was great, but the loss left me feeling more bitter than last night's Rockies shutout because Stewart was only one for four while Butler was three for five with a double and two runs.

Uhp, I have to go, CSP lost also, Jason Young actually pitched pretty decent, and Todd Greene followed an Aaron Miles triple with a two run shot, but the offense for the Sky Sox is still left wanting more.