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Views from the Top Row - Marlins interested in Fuentes?

According to the Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel, they are (scroll down after the story where Alex Gonzalez inflates his value). The players offered, Josh Wilson and Yorman Bazardo are actually fairly close to what we might want in return for Fuentes, but apparently according to the article not quite there yet. Bazardo came into the season ranked as the Marlins' third best prospect according to Baseball America, and his stuff is really electric (mid nineties heat with a nice sink, a good change and so-so slider). You would think someone with his stuff and make-up would K a few more batters, however, and maybe that's why the Marlins are souring on him (he was considered untouchable by the organization last July). Yorman will only turn 21 in July. Wilson shows promise at the middle of the diamond (he ranked as the Marlins' #12 prospect according to BA) and though we already have plenty of prospects on the farm in this part of the field, none are as advanced as Josh (he's still only 24 depite a lengthy minor league record) who has been playing right down I-25 in AAA Albuquerque this year and could help the Rockies almost immediately at short. Giving up Fuentes would be a difficult call to make, but at least this is a serious offer.