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Game Discussion Thread - Ian Kennedy Cup, Game One

The Rockies must keep their eyes on the prize.

Byung Hyun Kim takes on Carrasco in the first tilt. It looks like from the pitching matchup the Rox have a distinct advantage on paper-Carrasco is K.C.'s best starter, Kim is Colorado's sixth wheel on what should be a tricycle, talent wise. However the Rockies have displayed a decided unwillingness to lose as frequently at home as they do on the road, and thus Carrasco's handicap of being the better pitcher might be mitigated by Coors Field. In order to lose this game properly and thus secure a better position for the number one pick next summer, Clint Hurdle has to just stick to his normal routine of trying to "jump start" flailing irregulars like Dustan Mohr and JD Closser by giving them more playing time, and hope another injury or two hits one of our more talented players. In order for KC to take this first round, they can just counter by putting up their regular starting line-up and rehiring Tony Pena for the game. It should be a close call, but I say even with Buddy Bell and Kim pitching for the Rox, the Royals will come out the better losers and draw a step closer to Colorado for that elusive Kennedy Cup.