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Church of the Rox

Our Cathedral at the time of this photo had more Red than Purple in the pews, will that change?

Rox Fan in TN, aka Tom of Tap the Rox perhaps inadvertantly got me to thinking in his comment to my post a couple of rungs down (by the way if I insulted any fellow Rockies blogger for their series previews, please this wasn't my intent, I found all three very informative in regards to the somewhat meaningless interleague series we're currently playing) about Rockies bloggers and why we are so creepy with our devotion to a really really bad team. At any rate in my too long reply I said this:

I think it's a healthy sign for the Colorado Rockies franchise that there are as many of us bloggers following their every move in their worst season to date. To me it implies the novelty of the team has worn off and that there is a devoted enough fan base to give the team a constant stream of free publicity and eventually a distinct character for its followers. By that last bit I mean that I think it's as important for the long term success of sports franchises to develop unique fans as it is for them to create a distinct entertainment offering. That doesn't mean that a person couldn't like the Broncos and Rockies at the same time to be this kind of fan, or the Nuggets or Avalanche or any other team for that matter, but I do think it's important for the team that we interact differently with the Rox so that we aren't as prone to comparison shopping among sports franchises and become fair-weather fans at down times like this.

This core of followers the Rox have while losing at historical levels just shows that this interaction has already begun to take place which I believe is leading us to the type of collective comiserating you see with each of the Chicago teams, or -until last year- the BoSox. Each of us has other interests in sports yet the Rockies for some reason draw us away enough to make us incessantly ponder their futility. I know Dan at UitR blogs about other sports teams, and Mark at TGTBATB is just a baseball fanatic in general, so who knows how right I am, but I think the Rockies are moving closer to having a distinct culture around their fans as several of the older teams already enjoy, and if they are wise and nurture us they could have as devoted a fan base as the large market behemoths. That's just my thought, I think I'll post a story on it and see what other people think, though.

And so, true to my word (for once maybe), I'm posting a story on it and asking what my readers think makes us respond so to the Colorado Rockies and whether we are developing a true culture around our fandom or if I'm just imagining things. I realize we aren't exactly Liverpool football club, or the Red Sox Nation, but is what we have here headed that direction?

I say yes, that it will take time, and winning will certainly help, but the Rockies are my diamonds, in that they're this girl's best friend (well, second best, one other person ranks a little above them) and they are forever, anyway the floor's now open.