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Pebble Report - Juan Morillo Profiled by BA

I'll put up the link to our lone Futures Game rep right away and then go off about how juiced I am about Shane Lindsay.

Watch out Marc Kaiser, Rox Grrl has a new crush

I mean seriously, I mentioned him briefly yesterday as a pitcher to watch, but after his second start last night the bloke's now a pitcher to watch with a microscope. He's only allowed eight baserunners in twelve innings and has a K/nine rate of over fifteen! I know it's just two games, but my heart is already pounding and I just wish he had a 1-900 number that I could call and hear him talk about throwing bullets at Canadians (Vancouver Canadians to be precise) with a Russell Crowe accent. Lindsay might be promoted very shortly with the influx of a couple more pitchers from the draft to the system as he's clearly proving he's far beyond rookie league level.

Okay in other news briefly, Casper's getting some offense from a few fairly young players that might be gaining more attention from us in the future, Cole Garner would be one of those as would Rhadames Nazario and Maruis Loupadiere, they are right now doing not quite enough to be on the front burner, but enough to be noticed. After his debut yesterday, Xavier Cedeno might fall into this same category as his performance wasn't at all terrible for the Pioneer League.

Daniel Carte isn't adjusting well to pro ball just yet, but watch for his bat to pick up in the next week or two, Pedro Strop meanwhile could find himself in trouble as repetition of levels should give him an advantage of familiarity that he just doesn't seem to have.

Tulsa might have gotten the better end of the stick with Jud Thigpen rather than Ryan Spilborghs. Thigpen's HR power trumps Spilly's and it's an element Tulsa hasn't really had in it's lineup outside of Tony Miller. Thigpen's bat is solid, but his defense still needs work, to be honest, and he doesn't have nearly the range of Tulsa's other outfielders although he has a pretty decent arm.