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Views from the Top Row

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More trade rumors:
J.J. to the Giants for Merkin Valdez and yorvit Torrealba?

More Rosenthal, vague rumblings about P-Dub and Fuentes to the usual suspects.

The more I consider Ryan Shealy and his and the team's reactions thus far to his play, the more I agree with roxhead in regards to the Gammons Shoppach for Sheals supposed offer. I've got to doubt the veracity and value even though I still think Shoppach might make a decent back-up backstop someday.

CBS Sportsline sees both J.J. and P-dub on the outbound train and lists six potential suitors for Jennings but makes no mention of Kennedy or Fuentes at the moment. Typical of major media outlets going with the glam players first. They do call Wilson "the best player available" which will swell his head at least, if not his trade value.

Anyway, on to more solid news, Aaron Miles is back for better or worse (you can use the Shealy link above) and Cookie's close as Sheals gets sent down to do the work that Miles unsurprisingly proved incapable of, and help out the struggling Sky Sox with his bat. Should I recap yesterday? Uhm... no. Let's move on to tonight where we only have a HOFer to deal with and not some superscrub named Wandy.