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Alright! A Recap worthy game!

Huzzah! I just want to say that I love the Garrett Atkins who shows up when we play at Coors. Maybe he should be the werewolf and not Helton. Howoooo!!!

P-dub hit his thirteenth and had to make other teams come a step closer to meeting our asking price, it says here that somebody is going to hit on him in the next two weeks -before the All_star Game. Madam Brandi (aka Rox Girl the soothsayer) has foreseen it.

JJ pitched pretty well outside the fifth inning where he ran into trouble and then got hurt real real bad by one Morgan Ensberg swing, Brian Fuentes picked up his ninth save and now teams might be looking closer at paying a heavy price to pry him away from us as well. The other two relievers we used, Marcos Carvajal and David Cortes, kept the 'Stros from padding their lead before Atkins' heroic slam. Cory Sullivan had two hits and Helton just one, but it was an important one. Tonight we have a chance to take the series against Roy Oswalt, but more on that later. Go Rockies!