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Pebble Report - Koshansky, U-ball shine as all stars, Wimberly's a thief, Sky Sox put up some #s

Corey stole three bags for the Casper Rox last night, and Tap the Rox fave Kyle Blumenthal continued with his hot bat, as did Cole Garner who I brought up yesterday, but the Caspies ended up losing anyway.

At Tri-City, the Dust Devils wound up winning in extra innings, Jason Van Kooten had a couple of hits, so maybe my hunch about him being decent might turn out true after all. I want to see more patience from him though. Brian Kirby, who last season was playing in the Ozarks with an independent league, hit his second homerun and had three hits in all. Oscar Materano was the other offensive standout. Another player I like, Ethan Katz, seems to be used primarily in relief thus far, but that might be to protect a tired arm. Zach Simons got the start and was a bit uneven.

In the two all-star games, U-ball started for the Cal League and that was the high point as he struck out two in his perfect first, but the Carolinians came through with eight against the rest of the staff. Jim Miller allowed one of those on two hits, but he also struck out the side. Joe Gaetti was zero for three with two K's. Meanwhile down South, Joe Koshansky had a double, a walk and two runs scored in his two plate appearances, Matt Daley -as he's been doing all season for Asheville- picked up the win despite a mediocre performance. Matt Miller scored a run but was hitless in four AB's.

Tulsa won late salvaging a strong start by Enmanuel Ulloa. Tino Sanchez, Jayson Nix and Tony Miller all had two hits, Sanchez a HR.

Finally, do you think the Sky Sox are happy Ryan Shealy's back? I'll let that box score speak for itself. Choo Freeman hit for the cycle and had an extra double on the side. Yowza.

Update [2005-6-29 13:16:56 by Rox Girl]:More from the Cal vs. Car All-star game and specifically Ubaldo Jiminez in Baseball America's Daily Dish:

? More notes from the all-star game: During the luncheon before the game--actually before the rains came and cancelled batting practice and infield for both clubs--players were introduced before the chicken stuffed with spinach was served. And the only player who had fun with it was Modesto righthander Ubaldo Jimenez, who stood up, gave a little wave, and held his hand as if he were about to pop off a slider. ?I was just kidding around,? Jimenez said. ?This is supposed to be fun, but I don?t know--some guys are too serious (about it).? On the mound, Jimenez was all business, however. His fastball touched 97 twice with good command and location, and he complemented it with a hard 86 mph slider. Jimenez, who got the start for the Californians, struck out two--Lynchburg center fielder Bobby Kingsbury and Frederick DH Mario Delgado.
It's nice to see him coming back so well. I doubt he'll be in Denver by the end of the season but certainly sometime next year we should expect his arrival on the club.