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Roost of the Rookies

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USA Today lists six Rockies players that they deem worthy of consideration for the vanity award:

Clint Barmes
Garrett Atkins
Brad Hawpe
Cory Sullivan
Jeff Francis


Eddy Garabito!?

Honestly I'm wondering if they should split this award into best rookie / best first year prospect as it seems that there are a lot of players entering the majors late enough in their professional careers that their performances mask the fact that they are already near or at the top of their potential. Like Aaron Miles last year, Garabito's success is a product of being a long suffering minor leaguer below a stocked upper-deck finally breaking into the bigs somewhere else. Like Miles, he doesn't bring a lot of power to the plate, but unlike Miles, Garabito knows how to coax out a walk drawing twice as many in the last week (four) then Miles had all season (two) before going down in May. So should Eddy be considered for the RoY award? Sure, but let's not make bones about him having any more room to grow, it's just not going to happen.


By the way, speaking of Miles, when exactly has he done this? According to the Rocky Mountain News's Pat Rooney (emphasis added):

The switch-hitting Miles, who has proven himself as a catalyst for the Rockies offense, batted second in his first career start against likely future Hall of Famer Roger Clemens, going 0-for-3.

Certainly not last night as the rest of the paragraph confirms. Honestly, the infatuation with Aaron needs to stop now.