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Full Pebble Report: Nelson Returns, Stewart awakens? Maybe? Let's hope?

Okay, lots to do today so I'll try and stick to the high points.

Chris Nelson returning after having to go back to extended Spring Training in Tucson is definitely a high point. Especially since he went two for five in his return, the second of a two game sweep by the Tourists. The other offensive heroes were the same as usual, Miller, Koshansky, Hahn I think had a hit or two, the other Nelson, blah blah blah. And Jarrett Grube and Larry Robles pitched so I really don't have to say much there, although Grube's outing was pretty enough to raise our intriguing start alert sensors so we'll be careful to monitor his next few outings to see if he could be a sleeper in the system. Like I mentioned in my capsules, his career K/9 rate is pretty good (he struck out eight in four and a third yesterday) and if he can put more starts together like this one, we'll try and check him out more closely. The relievers -Scott Beerer, Matt Daley, Adam Bright and Darric Merrell did an amazing job in that game as well, striking out an additional ten batters for a total of eighteen K's in the game. Bright registered none of those in his shaky inning and two/thirds. His line looks odd for the lack of runs he gave up: walking three and giving up two hits including a homerun, until you notice he picked off two of the batters he let on. I really want to see this move of his now.

Modesto, where Ian Stewart went all Matt Holliday last night, also won. Stewart hit a triple, a homerun, walked once and scored four times to lead the thirteen to five pounding. Jordan Czarniecki also hit a homer, but that was the only hit he got so ha-ha. Oh wait, he walked twice so his OBP is still freaking high. Come on Jordan, you're making everybody else on the team besides Chris Ianetta look bad. Natch, I'm just kidding, I like it that high.

In Tulsa, the Drillers lost, and according to the box score it was all Jeff Salazar's fault. And Tony Miller. The two went a combined zero for nine with one walk and the speedy Miller even managed to ground into two double plays batting leadoff. Ouch. Not good for my favorite prospects on the team. Sandy Nin looked good even though he took the loss, tossing seven innings and allowing only three runs on six hits and more importantly, zero walks.

Colorado Springs lost I guess Jeff Pickler hit two homeruns trying to get noticed, but hey Jeff, next time do it on a day that the guy manning your post on the team above you doesn't do the same thing and you might get a little more attention. I guess the other news flash from that game is that we shouldn't expect Denny Stark to do well in the majors. I repeat: Denny Stark won't do well in the majors. I know this might surprise some people, I mean, I was shocked myself, but I guess it's pretty much true at this point.

Sweet, I got through that in no time flat. On to post dos.