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Recap - Hail the triumphant Rockies!

Or maybe the headline will read: Rox walk away with victory. But a thrilling bottom of the ninth comeback after two weather delays (ooh, how's this - Cards can't weather Rockies) nonetheless brought us the split with the Cards, Matt Holliday read my prior post and noticed that his VORP was a tad low and led the offensive charge with his two shots and a double and intentional pass to set up Brad Hawpes's unintentional one in the climactic ninth. Meanwhile, the pitching staff was led by.., well.., uhm.., okay, so we still have some ways to go, but hey, we'll take it.

Pebble Report ALERT: I'm off to work and won't be able to issue a full report until later today, but 1) Chris Nelson came back in game two of Asheville's double header and had two hits in five at bats, and 2) on the same night Ian Stewart showed he might be busting loose with a three hit (a homerun and double inclusive) and one walk night for Modesto. What a happy night this was!