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Weekend Pebble Report -

I'll let you start off by reading Jack Etkin's column in the Rocky Mountain News as he goes into the Ian Stewart struggles as well as offering his usual rundown of who's hot and not. Key notes were given regarding personnel moves at Tulsa where Harvard alum and Rockies 2002 pick Ben Crockett joins the bullpen. He takes the place in the roster of Keith Ramsey who was released, a move we saw coming with the ascension of white hot Enmanuell Ulloa. Over the weekend, Tulsa's starting pitching continued to be one of the Rockies' more pleasant prospect stories of the season with Ulloa and Zach Parker dominating in appearances Saturday and Sunday.

Ubaldo Jiminez and Ryan Mattheus both struggled in starts in the Single-A levels yesterday, it's not only Stewart who's encountering the adversity of increaed expectations this year. I'll explore our position players at all these levels in more detail as the week progresses, right now most of my attention is on the draft and increased buzz in the trade market, so I'll cut this report short for today so I can post more about those items. Besides Etkin, be sure to read Rox Fan in TN's diaries analyzing the stats of these hitters as a primer for what I'll have up Thursday and Friday.