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Views from the Top Row

Wow, the Rockies blog bandwagon is growing, soon we'll be able to compete with the Cubs, just you wait and see. In the last two days, frequent poster and sharp as a tack future lawyer, Rox Fan in TN, aka Tom Stephenson, started Tap the Rox. I hope he still posts his thoughts here also, as his insight is valubale and welcome.

Meanwhile, in the wake of our disater season comes a disaster report, Gabe Stein's and some mysterious guy named Sam's Rockies Disaster Report. I don't know much about them yet or else I would write more, but Gabe's friendly at least.

Meanwhile, Rox Head scoops the rest of us bloggers by keying us in on Roman Abramovich's interest in buying the team, perhaps that's why the Monfort's are trying to increase their stake.

Bill Schmidt's quick thoughts on each of our day one picks, where he verifies what I thought that this Rockies draft was heavy on potential and light on polish. Only Tulo and Carte are really close, and maybe a couple of the later round choices like Paulk and Freeman, but everybody else we're probably going to have to wait to see what they've got. Tracy Ringolsby's first day rundown can be found here (he has access to all of BA's scouting info so he's usually pretty good with this.)