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Recap- Kim and Chacon exchange too much brain power

Purple Row insiders have found the laboratory where the Rockies last week had pitchers Shawn Chacon and Byung Hyun Kim undergo a controversial and experimental brain transplant.

"Is that what happened... OUCH!!" Shawn Chacon said when asked about the procedure as he dropped a jar of kimchee on his toe.
"Oh man, that's like the third thing I've dropped this morning I can't control anything today it seems,"

The Rockies used a device like the one shown above to switch the brains of Byung Hyun Kim and Shawn Chacon for awhile.

Meanwhile, Byung Hyun Kim, attending a Nuggets workout, was highly skeptical.
"I don't remember anything like that," he said.

Purple Row sources indicate that the rumor is true, however, and the evidence supports it: before the transplant the Rockies best pitcher was Shawn Chacon, last night, the Rockies best pitcher was Byung Hyun Kim. Shawn Chacon never received any run support, last night, neither did Kim. Coincidence? Consider the folowing from a source within the Rockies who wishes to go nameless, lets just call him coach "Bob A" for now:
"Yeah, it's true, we didn't think it would work that well, though, we are trying to win here."