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Pebble Report

We'll start at the bottom as usual at Asheville, where in case you missed my update during the game thread last night, Dragon Lo pitched his first dominating game in about a month, six and a third innings, one walk, two hits and five strikeouts. Sweet! Neil Wilson hit his sixth homerun in eighty at bats, and apparently this is without juice now. No, I'm just kidding, twelve of his twenty hits this season are for extra bases.

Der Kaiser demands our attention, there will be no going for the bathroom while he works.
Modesto had the second dominating pitching performance in a row from an unlikely source: Marc Kaiser has become an absolute stud over the last few games (and apparently a bane to the beer vendors according to the link), see this is why we wait five years to really evaluate drafts. Last year or even a month ago, Kaiser was just an interesting tenth round pick with fairly good peripherals, now he's rising fast. The sad news is Jordan Czarniecki's system best twenty-one game hit streak was snapped in the victory, but he'll start another one soon. Ian Stewart hit well again though, another triple a walk and a single in 3 AB's. Joshua Newman Joshua Newman Joshua Newman. I hope by repeating his name enough everybody else learns to love his potential for the Rox as much as I do, he gave up three free passes (bad) but also struck out four and didn't allow a hit in two innings of work.

Tulsa, who earlier had six players named to the Texas League all-star team, reduced their magic number to six for claiming the first half playoff bid by beating the Arkansas Travellers 5-3. That the Drillers have done so well and that they have so many all-stars is more testament ot the fact that their team is a bit mature for the TL then it is that we have lots of prospects down there. Bevis isn't that great, and though the starting three selected (last night's starter Christian Parker, Zach Parker, and Jon Asahina) are all doing really well, only Zach P counts as a full fledged prospect, although Asahina or C. PArker might be used someday as injury fills for the Rox. The other two selections, Ryan Spilborghs and Cory Slavik are useful minor league parts that won't see much time in the majors. Jeff Salazar hasn't played for the last few days (not since he went a perfect two for two with three walks on the fourth), does anybody know if he was injured or promoted? Please post in the comments if you do.

Colorado Springs won behind Denny Stark, Jorge Piedra and some other guys. Scott Dohmann is actually looking closer to ready though it might be a while yet with Bobby Seay and Micelli back, Ryan Speier, despite picking up the save is not looking ready at all.