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Views from the Top Row and Tradewinds all in one!

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Let's do a little blogrun, TGTBATB has a profile of Brian Fuentes up, as an unsung star of our sad little team it's good to see him get his due, thanks to Mark D for keeping it positive in the midst of our wreckage. Speaking of wreckage, the Rox Dis. Report goes over our newfound middle infield situation and comes to the conclusion that we should trade out Desi. Excellent! I mean, I love Desi as a utilly inf, but this is the type of thing I've been saying we should do for a while, trade as if we were strong (even though we're not) in spots in order to maximize the return we get. With our team already destined to a top pick next year (and a bottom rung finish this one) we really have to be looking for the future first. So while Tom at Tap the Rox doesn't like the idea of getting rid of Joe K for Eric Byrnes and Jairo Garcia of the A's because we have no starters ready to replace him, I say go for it because even our triple A starters can only do as badly as Kennedy at this point and not a whole lot worse. I honestly think it's time to give Jason Young one more shot and either fish with him or cut bait. The Kennedy to Oakland trade was originally mentioned by Peter Gammons almost a week ago and now that it's gotten around to the Post indicates that the discussions are in earnest. My guess is that Oakland doesn't want to throw in Garcia (despite his struggles in AAA) and is suggesting some lesser things, while the Rox want Jairo to be included before they say yes. Byrnes is also rumored to be targeted by the Braves, so I don't know if it's a wise move to go after a player who's trade value will be exaggerated by a bidding war. I think caution is the best approach unless we get something a little closer to what we want.

Would anybody out there besides USA Today columnist Bob Nightengale refer to Jason Jennings as Colorado's ace?