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Game Thread - Franchise versus Little Pedro

Alright, can I just say I hope it's at least another ten years before we play another one to nothing game? I'm probably in the minority on this opinion, but I love the high octane offense driven game that fits naturally with the Coors surroundings. Pitching doesn't win championships, the Red Sox hurlers didn't start a single comeback against the Yankees last year. Minnesota hasn't won it all recently despite having the best pitching in the game. St. Louis won the NL Championship on slugging and defense. Historically? The 20's and 30's Yankees teams weren't nicknamed Murderers' Rotation. No, pitching only keeps you from losing championships (ask the Yankees), balance, patience, defense and run-scoring are what make you win.

So that said, today we see the new building block of our stop-loss versus the old one. Should be a treat, but let's hope it's not a one to nothing treat. Rockies seven, Padres nothing? 13 to 3? Now we're talking.