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Wilson for Day, Davis + PTBNL or cash. Also Kennedy and Witasick dealt to Oakland

Mr. Wilson goes to Washington

The Sporting News and more importantly the AP as well as ESPN on the air are all reporting the deal as done at this hour. The links also are talking about a Joe Kennedy and Jay Witasick to Oakland for Eric Byrnes and prospect Omar Quintanilla deal. Day and Davis we've hashed over in other threads and might do some more in the comments. Byrnes is essentially the same sort of backup outfielder we've been filling our roster with for some time now, including the Davis deal earlier today. Quintanilla is a twenty three year old shortstop/utility prospect with a little power and some intriguing skills that might be useful when developed although I have to say I'm not that impressed by what I see (fourteen errors for instance thus far this year).

Overall there isn't a lot to be overwhelmed by these deals with at the moment, but I think Day will be a lot better than what you're going to hear around Denver over the next few days. The deals leave us in a bit of a better position for 2006 then doing nothing with the three former Rockies involved would have, so in that sense, I have to say we came out ahead of where we thought we'd be. the Mike Hampton tree continues with Day and Davis, hopefully the fruit gets a little better this time around.