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Views from the Top Row - Breakfast rumors

Both the Washington Post(rr) and the New York Daily News are saying the Preston/Nats deal is very close. Meanwhile, Florida, having been told it's a no go on Brian Fuentes is apparently looking into Jay Witasick (rr) and Jason Jennings. No word on what the Marlins might be offering for either of these two players.

Meanwhile, the Rocky Mountain News has a bit more on the Carlos Martinez signing like that apparently the Rox underbid the Yankees but still got him, and that they were in on the action of newly acquired Mets outfield prospect Fernando Martinez as well. Also, the Denver Post chimes in with their take on the Wilson-Day move and also brings up Kennedy to Oakland redux as a possible move to look for in the coming days. One more item from the Post report, Brad Hawpe might be heading to the DL with his hamstring troubles. If I were the Rockies, I'd consider calling up Ryan Spilborghs to replace him on the roster until J.J. Davis arrives (perhaps even then) but I have a feeling that's probably not going to happen.