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Two Trades Redux

Eric Byrnes hasn't even put on his Rockies uniform yet and already the New York media are speculating he's on the outs. The Rocky's Tracy Ringolsby likes the moves, particularly Quintanilla who I'm not quite sold on (remember the last highly touted Oakland middle infield prospect we got?) Anyway, Quint's plunge this year at AA has me concerned that he might not be the way to go. The A's are obviously higher on this year's draft pick Pennington in their system to fill their second base hole coming up, so I see no reason for us to think Omar will be better than Tulo or Macri to fill ours, although he is a bit more advanced than either of those two. The Ringolsby article indicates that Byrnes is likely to play mostly in the corners for right now until Holliday's completely ready, I hope we can find a place to send Mohr now, although I doubt it will be that easy.

Omar brings his Hook 'em Horns mentality to the Springs

These moves definitely don't seem like the end of our trade season however, but they do give us better leverage for whatever comes next. Despite the Mets desire, I don't see us fipping Byrnes until next year, but I do think we might try moving another pitcher. Which one? My best guess right now judging from front office statements is that of our better hurlers, Chac is more likely than Jennings to be available for a realistic price (see the Renck article linked below for a Yankees deal in the works) while Wright and Kim are easily attainable. Unfortunately, even with these moves I haven't heard of us shopping Aaron Miles recently. Finally, part of the saved Wilson money will probably go to wrapping up Kyle Hancock, and hopefully more to foreign investment like the Carlos Martinez signing of the other day, but Reese Havens still seems highly unlikely. The high dollar amount purported to be involved in the last part of the Nationals deal ($500,000) translates to a fairly high level prospect, so if it does turn out to be a PTBNL instead, it might be another very rewarding aspect of the deal.

"I was part of the youth movement, then I wasn't part of any movement, unless," Kennedy deadpanned, "you count getting traded."

That from Troy Renck's Denver Post column.