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Game Thread - The Mighty Kim versus Armas

The surprising Nationals have a familiar centerfielder, obviously, and that's going to be the media's focal point tonight. Might as well be, after being swept by the Reds, I think any attention drawn away from our team's on field moves is a plus. The Nationals come in atop the solid NL East, at 53-39. Is Washington that good? Well, no, but they are winning nonetheless and for now that's what matters. Should they finish the season so well, we should probably start wondering if Major League Baseball has gone the pro-wrestling rout and started to "fix" its seasons, but hopefully we won't get to that point.

Kim's last start in this region of the country (June 18 at Baltimore) was one of his worst, so hopefully it's not the Maryland air that did it as I'm sure D.C.'s is similar. I think the Rockies have a decent chance to win, but we need to rediscover our bullpen after the Cincy series revealed that perhaps Witasick was its linchpin.

I must say I'm personally kind of bitter about this series as the trip from where I live in the Northeast to Montreal is so easy and a fun little getaway to see my favorite team would have worked very well for me tomorrow and Wednesday, whereas D.C. is just far enough away and expensive enough to make it undoable. Argh. Well, Go Rockies, anyway.