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Views From the Top Row - More trade rumors, some silly

Starting local, the Denver Post has more Chac-tastic gossip now that the Chacon-to-New-York-for-a-pile-of-promising-statue-of-liberty-figurines deal has broken down. Apparently, the Rox are thinking now that they can get a little replica of the Golden Gate Bridge (San Fran), or maybe a stuffed Shamu toy (San Diego), or a free tour of South Fork Ranch(Texas), or an old person's dentures (Tampa) for their starting pitcher.
Sigh. Probably the best news from this article is that the Rockies are "aggressively trying to move Dustan Mohr". Finally.

Moving on, now that the Yankees have discovered that the Rockies are cheap and easily duped they are thinking of trying to get Eric Byrnes. Of course they would really prefer "a proven starter like Juan Pierre of Florida or Randy Winn of Seattle" but a "lesser outfielder like Eric Byrnes of Colorado or Philadelphia's Endy Chavez" would apparently suffice. Tell me I'm not the only one laughing at that.

Lastly, the fact that Brian Fuentes is out of everybody's price range, doesn't stop some teams from thinking about it. Let's start with Jeff Mathis and Brandon Wood, and see where we can go from there and I think we might be getting some place with this particular deal.

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