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Pebble Report - Tulo cracks the lumber

There were several games so I'll just go over the highlights:

Casper lost again, but there were good signs from a couple of our struggling pitchers there, Radames Manzueta and Ross Hipke as well as another good performance at the plate from Cole Garner and Wyoming fave Jeremy Brownell hit his first homerun of the season.

Tri-City lost somehow depsite getting ten on via walk or HBP. Jason Van Kooten had his first homer of the year and Phillip Cuadrado had two hits and got plunked.

Asheville won behind a strong performance by Ryan Mattheus on the mound and offense from Neil Wilson and Dustin Hahn (each had a HR) Chris Nelson had two hits.

Modesto was the big news, where Tulowitzky had a double and homerun in five at bats. Ian Stewart also had two hits, and Juan Morillo pitched very well over seven innings for the victory.

Tulsa was shut out four to zero on a Joe Saunders one hitter so there really weren't any highlights.

Colorado Springs was hammered again, actually, Chac' was hammered again and I'm really worried that he's off mechanics wise as he's scheduled to be back next week.