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Views from the Top Row - teams souring on Chac, wanting JJ instead

The Post says that's the case with San Fran, we already knew it was the case with New York,(the Yankees really are arrogant) and this Q and A from the Dallas Morning News seems to indicate the Rangers would also rather have the Baylor alum, although the Fort Worth Star-Telegram notes that Chacon would be a relatively cheap fill. Jennings would require a bit more from the Giants or Rangers farm, we'd probably ask for Kinsler and try to break up Texas's DVD trio for him and the Giants would have to deal probably Merkin Valdez and a top position prospect like Martinez-Esteve.

Brian Fuentes is another tough one to pry from our team, but the second LA of Anaheim source in two days links him with the Angels wishes, indicating that they probably are serious in sending out feelers. The Angels have the minor league depth to make this something to at least look into.

I also wanted to link to this article from the Rocky Mountain News regarding a lawsuit that's currently pending involving unruly fan behavior (here's the Post's take, note the reversal of which jerk did what). My own opinions of this are mixed, as first of all I think suing the Rockies for the behavior of a couple of jerks smacks of frivolity, but at the same time, it sounds like the Rockies need to step up efforts to keep hooligans from wrecking the experience of the broader fan base.