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Views from the Top Row

The Rocky Mountain News shows how odd major league GM's could be sometimes, the Rockies want a back-up AAA shortstop who hasn't hit for a lick in the majors in Alfredo Amezaga, yet in return the Pirates GM Dave Littlefield is asking for our prize Rule 5 pick Marcos Carvajal (scroll down to the Etc... section). My best most wishful thinking guess is that we screwed the Pirates out of somebody really valuable in the Michael Restovich PTBNL deal and Littlefield is just trying to screw us as badly back. Or, more realistically, he's just insane.

Elsewhere in the News, the Rox are trying to move Desi to the Giants in the wake of the Andy Machado acquisition. They really hope Machado does something he seems almost incapable of and pans out, but the alternative should have us more excited as they are exploring the possibility of just using newly acquired prospect Omar Quintanilla instead.

Meanwhile, the New York papers continue to talk about Eric Byrnes, but don't expect any moves to come of it. In other news, both the second News article linked and the official site are saying Jose Acevedo will likely start in Jason Jennings' place on Monday. Also from the Rockies official site article: we can all breathe a sigh of relief knowing that Bobby Seay showed up in the Springs, and Hurdle reveals a little too much of the organization's forward thinking -or lack thereof- in regards to Aaron Cook:

He's going to make his next start and we don't have anything mapped out after that. His next start will come on [July 26].

Hopefuly their map shows up soon in regards to Big Red.